Toys in Wonderland

  • Toys in Wonderland Title Image
  • Toys in Wonderland Title Image

Download only / No refund

Only for Kontakt full. Free Kontakt Player is not compatible.

All sounds by only Toys in Wonderland.

Toys in Wonderland is Kontakt library

TIW plays various sounds by toy sound samples. Meet up amazing sound by unprecedented especial toy samples. TIW is so unique, but this is filled with very useful sounds. TIW will inspire your music.

TIW is an abbreviation for Toys in Wonderland. TIW is pronounced [tɔɪnwʌn].

Toys in Wonderland GUI Image

All round instrument

Although TIW contains unique sounds, presets of various categories satisfy rhythm and melody. You can make music just by TIW without another instruments.

Spice and Sound effect

If you want to arrange special elements in your project, watch TIW’s presets carefully. You can meet sublime presets. TIW can do BGM and special effect in video editing.


Unimaginable samples, but amazing sounds

Toys become my instrument that will be very interesting. Imagine if TIW make up nicely your music by amazing sounds. Your music will improve.


Easy to use

TIW is not difficult synth. Enjoy preset sounds. If you change preset sound, you can play weird sound just using only FX knob. And you can easily delete preset’s Delay and Reverb for your audio mixing.

Reviews & Testimonial

Computer Music Magazine Cover Image154 Kontakt instruments built on 41 multisampled toys and gadgets including bells, fans, marbles and “four toy analog synths”. The scripted interface just gives you Delay, Reverb and Convolution depth to play with, so it really is all about the sounds themselves – thankfully, they’re excellent. Fun, weird, creepy and beautiful are just some of the adjectives that come to mind.

@Soundware round up

artist_dj_magik_cool_jIn general, the problems when sampling toy sounds are ‘incorrect note pitch’ and ‘use of ambiguity’. But TIW solved this problems wisely. Put into four categories, and arranged useful & faithful presets.

Producer of Aquibird and Cloudancer, Commercial Music Composer

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  • Sampling from 37 toys + 4 toy analog synth
  • Smooth Lo-Fi sounds
  • Recorded from vintage console
  • 4 sound categories : Arp/FX, Melodic, Percussive, Original
  • Most of presets with Velocity Layered
  • Many percussive presets with intelligent Round Robin
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Low CPU & RAM usage