Mini Sketcher

  • Mini Sketcher Title Image
  • Mini Sketcher Title Image

Download only / No refund

Only for Kontakt full. Free Kontakt Player is not compatible.

All sounds by only Mini Sketcher.

Mini Sketcher is a ROMpler for Kontakt

Mini Sketcher is a sample library for Kontakt of a Sound Module / ROMpler. It based on PCM Synthesizing Technology that have accumulated during 10 years by Ravity and Purity. Meet up more evolved ROMpler sounds.

Mini Sketcher GUI Image

Easy to use

Just quickly sketch. Not necessary synthesizing presets. You only have to click buttons when you want to change presets nuance.

Quickly sketch your inspiration

Do you have sudden inspiration? Quickly loading Mini Sketcher. You can arrange song by only Mini Sketcher from rhythm to melody.

Prepared all categories

Drums, Guitars and Keyboards. Mini Sketcher contained various presets and categories. You can arrange all instrument tracks by Mini Sketcher in your project.

Nicely matched sound

Mini Sketcher can be used in various ways in addition to using sketch. Each presets will fill part or all of your project sound. Can used in main track, but certainly will be nicely matched in entire sound.

Bread and butter

Sound Module/Rompler sound

A lot of dance sound products and very large sample real acoustic sound products. But can’t create music with only that products. You would have experienced. PCM Synthesizers / Sound Modules presets fills music sound in handy. We have accumulated PCM synthesizing technology by Ravity and Purity during the past 10 years, and have steadily recorded new samples. So we make simple product of minimal concept now.

Reviews & Testimonials

Computer Music Magazine Cover ImageIs there a place in the software studio for a 90s-style PCM “bread and butter” sound module? Sonic Cat clearly think so, and perhaps surprisingly, their keenly priced, Kontakt- powered take on the concept works well. With a 127MB footprint, a GUI offering nothing more than on/off buttons and depth knobs for its five onboard effects, and 100 generic instruments in six categories, this is a useful, lightweight, hassle-free compositional tool.

@Soundware round up

artist_dj_magik_cool_jI would need a period of adjustment for new instruments but no need to adjust for Mini Sketcher. Just then, I was asked to write a news theme music, so I started work with Mini Sketcher immediately. Synth Bass, PAD, EP, Synth Lead and Drum Kit – if I need it, Mini Sketcher has got it, and it’s well-balanced. Look at that simple kobs, Mini Sketcher may be designed not to edit any sound, just to tweak FX knobs.

Producer of Aquibird and Cloudancer, Commercial Music Composer
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artist_thenoteAlways it happen to come awesome idea of music & song in a flash. At that instant, you have to catch the idea immediately. Mini Sketcher will help to sketch your idea quickly even as flash. Just use !! to hold your boltlike idea.

Commercial Music Composer, Music Producer and Music Lover
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artist_uk Just like its name, Mini Sketcher is a lightly use instrument. You wondered why it has loaded only 100 presets, unlike Ravity or Purity. But its presets quality are as good as you can use whenever you want. Small size, but not light sound. I think that this feature will provide good result for you than you sketch by several instruments.

K-Pop Musician & Game BGM, Sound Designer
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  • 6 sound categories : Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Poly, Lead, Drum
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Bread and butter Sound Module/Rompler sound
  • Minimized RAM usage
  • Low CPU usage