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  • Pop Keys Title

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Pop Keys,

an all round keyboard

Pop Keys is a sample library for Kontakt of a useful keyboard sounds package. Pop Keys has basically standard acoustic & electric piano sounds, moreover it has various keyboard instrument sounds total 150 presets. Just one Pop Keys will solve your keyboards part in your various music genres.

Pop Keys Main GUI

New Twin-Engine style

We put various keyboard instruments sound from our various sampling sources. Furthermore, we made more unique keyboard instruments sound through Twin-Engine (2 Layers) Mixing style. Therefore, you can easily make own sounds on this style. This layering system will be innovative instrument structure, because player’s easy getting variety & richness.

Pop Keys has effectors to make various moods of keyboard instruments. And it has digit display knobs for accurate effecting. You will be satisfied by easy & accurate effecting.

Bechstein Recording

Acoustic Pianos

There are a lot of piano libraries on the market. Most of the libraries are Steinway (Hamburg or New York), Bosendorfer and Yamaha sounds.

We had recorded Bechstein MP192 Grand Piano which is made in Germany, to differentiate between other libraries with analog equipment in good sound concert hall. But distinction just has not many merits. Maybe you will need various colors of acoustic piano every songs mood. Pop Keys’s acoustic piano sounds were based on Bechstein, but Pop Keys got various style presets.

Pop Keys FX

About sample reality

The problems with extremely real sample libraries are difficult to mixing or ensemble. Rather, suitable real samples are more helpful when making music. We gave a lot of thought to the matter, so made Pop Keys sounds for musicians. User just enjoy and make songs.

Electric Pianos etc

We make unique hybrid keyboards sound through vintage instruments recording and our synthesizing technology. Have you ever worried about selecting E.P. sounds? Pop Keys has all styles of E.P. sounds.

Reviews & Testimonials

review_1405_cmA twin-engine Kontakt library enabling pairs of acoustic and electric keyboard (piano, four EPs, clav and two harpsichords) multisamples to be mixed, each with its own envelope, EQ and tremolo controls, and a bank of global effects. They’re not the prettiest keys we’ve ever heard, but they’re bright, bold and – yes – very ‘pop’. A good value library for quick and easy ivories.

ESTiAs we experience various big size samples & physical modeling sounds, I think that I’m always afraid keyboard sounds on music work environment. Pop Keys was made by understood clearly that. Also its sounds are clearly audible in complex arrangement. All characteristic of tones are very impressive. You can easily make David Foster sounds by simple twin-engine structure. If you have many sound modules yet because only your wistful, you’d better to sell all.

Game Music Composer, Songwriter

David PouitWith a sound that is clear and soft, it is possible to use in any type of composition. A wide range of preset are present. The interface is very intuitive and the ability to mix two sound at the time allows us to experiment with new modern keyboards sounds. The expressivity & the finess is here and it doesn’t use a lot of memory. This is now my favorite keyboard.

Music Composer, Mobile Application Developer
Home / Music

artist_tama_rhodesTodays, musicians are living in a flood of heavy size soft instruments. If you were to ask them what they need, you will most likely receive basic keyboard instruments as one of the many responses. Pop Keys has various presets that can be available on your projects quickly. These sounds are good on processing compressor because it’s not to much effecting. And it’s useful sounds when mix another sources.

Electronic Music Producer, Ableton Certified Trainer
Facebook / SoundCloud

artist_dj_magik_cool_jAs you might know, most of the people make their opinion on a synth by listening to the presets. Sometime you wonder why there are so many parameters avaliable on the synths because most of the people don’t take time to build their own sounds. Here you have a nice choice of presets focused on the keyboards, some are very very nice and usefull, so you will certainly find one that suit your needs, and if you want to make some alteration to the sound, you can easliy do it by using the effect parameters.

Producer of Aquibird and Cloudancer, Commercial Music Composer
SoundCloud / Facebook / Aquibird

artist_ukPop Keys has contained various keyboards sources. All presets are easily available ready to hand, as usual all Sonic Cat products. These days I’m working various genre. The moment presets heard, a good ideas rushed into my head.

K-Pop Musician & Game BGM, Sound Designer
SoundCloud / Home

  • Various acoustic piano sounds
  • Various electric piano sounds
  • Various keyboard sounds for all music genre
  • Innovate instrument structure by Twin-Engine system
  • Can easily make unique user sounds
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Easy and accurate digit display FX knobs
  • Low CPU & RAM usage