• Cupid Title Image
  • Cupid Title Image

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Only for Kontakt full. Free Kontakt Player is not compatible.


Cupid is a sample library for Kontakt of a virtual analog synth. Cupid has easy to use user interface on one screen without a complex menu diving. So you can direct handling and quick sound making.

For good sound quality, we mapped perfectly looped high resolution 24-bit waves into all chromatic key map. So Cupid plays equal sound quality by each keys all octaves.

Cupid GUI Image

Switchable two low-pass filters

Cupid has switchable two low-pass filters. One is Acid type and the other is MM type. You can select only one of the two, can’t select at once. Acid is similar sounded like 303 which is very famous vintage bass line synth. MM is similar sounded like 24db Ladder which is well-known under the name of MINI.

Cupid Sub OSC Wave

MIX and Unique Sub Oscillator

Cupid has one oscillator which generate saw wave. In addition, Cupid has sub oscillator and noise generator. We have made three knobs for mix with each waveform level. Because one knob mix style will be broken octave when level leans to one side.

Sub Oscillator sounds one octave down. Common sub oscillators usually use square wave and sine wave. But square wave is so aggressive and sine wave is so soft. Therefore, we uniquely designed sub oscillator wave. This uniquely curved square wave is sounded powerful when open filter, and sounded soft existent when close filter.

Cupid Mix LFO Image

Very wide value and extreme pitch range Modulator

Cupid’s modulator (general LFO) has very wide value and extreme pitch range, also filter has powerful wow effect. For that reason, you can make very tough, aggressive and mad sound.

Cupid Filter Prat Image

Moreover, can easily control arpeggiator, unison and effectors.


artist_ukCupid seems to be that there are both plugin synth and real library. It has to feel like using several synth in Kontakt Rack. Many presets are ready to use immediately. Of course, you can easily change and make your own presets by easy to use GUI. I usually modify project at post-production or studio. So I’m going to use Cupid, not only to sketch but also to finish.

K-Pop Musician & Game BGM, Sound Designer
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artist_dj_magik_cool_jI am enjoying direct access to all of Cupid sounds through a straightforward interface in a simple and classy way. Sonic Cat Cupid & Mini Skecther are the first place to have a look for what i need in making production music.

Producer of Aquibird and Cloudancer, Commercial Music Composer
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artist_tama_rhodesI was embarrassed because Cupid has only SAW & Sub OSC. Sonic Cat should not have been too difficult that to include various waves OSC. If instrument structure is simple, you will try to make sound using all parameters. Simple & concise UI help to become creative. Cupid is very good to make lead and bass.

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  • Easy to use user interface on one screen without a complex menu diving
  • Mapped perfectly looped high resolution 24-bit waves into all chromatic key map
  • Can mix with three waveforms level – Saw, Sub oscillator, Noise
  • Uniquely designed Sub oscillator wave
  • Very wide value and extreme pitch range Modulator
  • Switchable two low-pass filters
  • Easy to control arpeggiator, unison and effectors
  • Low CPU & RAM usage