Chord Sketcher

Anyone can make song easier

Chord Sketcher is Algorithmic composition.

All instruments are selected randomly. And all notes are created by random algorithm specially designed. So even if same tempo, same chord progression, it is not possible to make same songs. If you make song by chord sketcher,  your song is sometimes good and sometimes bad. If you’re lucky, you can have creative song.

Custom Chord Progression

You can make easy chord progression by drag and drop.

Easy Key Change

Can select key you want. Chords will be modulated automatically, every time you change your song key.

Easy Create

Adjust only tempo and chord progression, you can make song.
By Random Chord Progression, even if you don’t know chord and harmony, you can make song.

Easy Construct

There are many patterns in Chord Sketcher. You can construct freely your song by Duplicate, Delete, and DragMove.

MIDI Export

Can export MIDI file and cheannel select. So you can works your file professional on DAW (Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Studio One, etc.)

Balanced Sound

Easy adjust volume and pan each track. You can have balanced sound.

Track on/off, Select Instrument

There are 16 instrument tracks. Can adjust on/off you want instrument by patterns. So you can make more complex patterns. And can change instrument in each track.

  • Auto generate music with freely chord setting
  • Algorithmic composition
  • 16-type multi-instrument
  • MIDI save
  • Pattern struct type
  • Drop and Drop loading
  • Can select instrument in each channel
  • Can change note & rhythm randomly
  • Loop play selected pattern
  • Channel select when save MIDI
  • MIDI Out Port for connect another instrument (VST & External Synth.)
  • MIDI Clock Sync (Ableton Live, FL Studio)