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  • Cajon Title Image

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Cajon, another Drum

A cajon (Ka-hone) is box-shaped percussion instrument, played by slapping the front or rear faces with hands, fingers, or brushes. We sampled cajon for Kontakt library. Our product is not limited acoustic, can be widely used to your various music genre.

Cajon Product Image

Sampled from premium quality handmade cajon

We sampled from premium quality handmade cajon, which is Schlagwerk made in Germany. It has very good sound balance and rich sound when it compare with the others. So our product provides satisfaction for rhythm track on your projects.

Various stroke

We arranged four basic stroke and other noises. Basic strokes are Bass, Tone, Tip and Slap. Bass is same as drum’s kick. Tone and Slap are same as drum’s snare. These two snare sounds are little different in nuance. So you can select snare sounds by situation. Tip works just like hi-hat or percussion. And we sampled brush stroke sounds and other noises.

Cajon Mixer GUI Image

Intuitive Mixer UI

We made intuitive and easy Mixer User Interface. You can freely control each stroke sounds. There are Send and EQ knobs as general channel strips. But we devoted ourself to internal setting will be more dramatic sounds. Especially, make use Punch knob, you can make powerful rhythm sounds.

Replace drum sounds on some genre

Some presets, which has rich bass and agile snare, will be used to many genre outside acoustic genre. Especially powerful and heavy presets will be widely used.

Cajon Recording

Be realized realistic play

Velocity layers is arranged maximum 10, Round robin is arranged maximum 16 each stroke points. So you can play real and human sounds in addition to avoid Machine-Gun effect.

Basic sounds are sampled from first class Mic and Analog Preamp at our studio.

Cajon at Parking Lot

Cinematic stereo sounds

Further more we want to sample nice ambience and realistic reverberation. So, after we rented high ceiling and very huge parking lot, we sampled wonderful cinematic sounds using MS (Mid-Side) Mic technique. Experience huge sounds from realistic ambience, not an artificial reverb effecting!

Reviews & Testimonials

Computer Music Magazine Cover Image20 Kontakt 5 instruments drawing on 363MB of compressed cajon (a Peruvian percussion instrument essentially comprising a large wooden box) samples. Up to ten velocity layers and 16 round robin samples have been captured for each of its seven tones (Bass, Slap, Tip, etc.) and a capable mixer is built in. The whole thing plays well and sounds just like the real thing, making for an intersting (if rather gentle) drum kit substitute.

@Soundware round up

artist_dj_magik_cool_jThere’s no doubt over Sonic Cat’s superiority in sampling techniques and of course I can’t forget about the easy-to-use and fit-for-use presets. If you just blend presets, then you can express all sound from the live acoustic cajon without painstaking efforts.

Producer of Aquibird and Cloudancer, Commercial Music Composer
SoundCloud / Facebook / Aquibird

artist_ukThis product properly contained cajon sounds. Subdivided velocity layers can help various expressions. I’m always worried about impactive percussions. But that problem will be solved by this cajon. I’m going to use scheduled project. I highly recommend this cajon, for anyone who is always worried about percussions.

K-Pop Musician & Game BGM, Sound Designer
SoundCloud / Home

artist_thenoteBy the Cajon of Sonic Cat, you can bring the performance from street to your control room. Cajon is one of coolest instruments, but it isn’t simple to record cajon. You can easify to use cajon into your music by the Cajon of Sonic Cat. Just give your shot. It will make you amusable.

Electronic Music Producer, Ableton Certified Trainer
Facebook / Home

artist_raingruvTone is clean, and Reality is matched various genre. Sounds remained neutral in reality & balance. I’m going to use first this cajon when I need cajon sound. ‘Ensemble’ preset will be the most frequently used by me.

Musical Director & Composer of TV Drama
Facebook / Home

  • Sampling from premium quality handmade Cajon
  • Recorded from first class Mic and Analog Preamp
  • Various microphone positions
    at studio : Front mono/stereo, Hole
    at parking lot : MS (Mid-Side) Mic.
  • Maximum 10 Velocity Layered
  • Maximum 16 Round Robin
  • Right/left hand and brush samples
  • Included brush presets
  • Included cinematic presets
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Low CPU & RAM usage