Funk Bridge


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Funk Bridge is a sample pack, containing an electro boogie style of sounds, musical phrases, drum loops and real instrument loops and samples that you will pull inspiration from.

This masterpiece has been created by producer DJ Magik Cool J, who has been working as a commercial music composer and producer from KOREA for just over a decade now.


  • Total size: 1.67 GB
  • Total files: 547 Files (24-bit 44.1khz Quality)
  • WAV(without slice data): 1.45 GB (360 Files)
  • MIDI: 288 KB (72 Files)
  • Kits: 24 MB (109 Files)
  • Demo: 209 MB (6 Files)
Instruments Include
  • Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar
  • Flute, EP, Clavinet and Synth Lead
  • Production and Conception by DJ Magik Cool J and Sonic Cat
  • Recording and Engineering by DJ Magik Cool J
  • Editing by DJ Magik Cool J
  • Formatting by JaeHyoung Suh
  • Photography by Shinha Joo
  • Guitars by Jungwoo Lim
  • Bass by Gukjin Choi
  • Scratch by DJ Magik Cool J
  • Flute by Spectrum
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