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Check your own product’s page on this site and your Version PDF file in your purchased product’s Documentation folder. If there is not version pdf in your product’s documentation folder, your product’s version is 1.0.  We are going to support on Downloads & Updates page when product will be updated.

Product Manuals

There are in purchased product’s documentation folder. And there are on individual product pages this site.


All sales are final and your purchase is not refundable, so please choose your selection carefully. More details are on license agreement page and product manual

You may use our product on up to three (3) separate computers, which computers shall be owned and used by you exclusively. More details are on license agreement page and product manual.

All our products are digital download only.

Kontakt 5 Player is the free sample player. But our library products are not for Kontak Player, only for Kontakt 5.3.

Decompress downloaded .ZIP file at your want directory. Please keep a copy for your original .ZIP
file. Our Kontakt library products don’t require any special activation.

All 3rd party Kontakt libraries, which are not for Kontakt Player, are not mounted on Kontakt Libraries Tab.

Preset will be loaded when double click .NKI files or drag into Kontakt. Or you can load by click Files button on Main Control Panel of Kontakt.